Cybersecurity webinars

Trends in cybersecurity

We discussed the hottest trends in cybersecurity in 2022. Specificaly focus on trends related to new technologies such as Web 3, AI driven cyber attack, Cloud security and IOT security

Cyber threats: Detect, Protect, Mitigate

Cyber world is full of threats, that is a fact. Can we just hope that attackers will not be interested in targeting your assets? Definitely not the best solution. So what can we do to protect ourselves and our business? Watch our webinar and find out.

How to check if you are secured?

We will discuss how to make sure that you did enough to protect your business from cyber attackers. We will also cover what you can do by yourself, when you need to cybersecurity consultant and why it is important to have cybersecurity check-ups.

Privacy webinars

GDPR complience for Estonian companies

GDPR compliance for EU IT companies is a must. The variety of possible ways to process personal data by means of modern technologies such as Big data, Cloud computing and AI really impresses. In this webinar, we discussed the scope of GDPR compliance, the specific regulation for Estonian companies and hacks for GDPR implementation.

GDPR complience for Estonian companies

Webinar about privacy, trademarks and software development agreements in Central and Eastern Europe. We’ve put together great experts from Ukraine, Poland, Estonia and Czech Republic to conclude a marvelous event for technology companies. IT lawyers and privacy specialists will discuss the most interesting IT law topics and the features of respective regulation in their jurisdictions.