Our services

We provide comprehensive privacy and security services.

We work internationally.

Our specialists speak English, Ukrainian, Russian and Persian

Awareness training provided by CyberWise includes following topics:

Introduction to internet security
Social Engineering
Phishing awareness training.
Password policy
Network security
Remote work
Mobile devices security

Awareness training takes place online. The duration of the training is 8 hours of lectures (minimum theory, maximum useful real-life cases and examples) +2 hours for questions and consultation and a final quiz. Training is divided into blocks. Awareness training can be customized based on your needs. After the training all attendees will receive a certificate from CyberWise and learning materials. We recommend awareness training at least once in 6 months and for all new employees.

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance is a complex of legal, technical, and organizational measures that you need to apply to ensure personal data protection.

How can we help?
If you are running a company and don’t know where to start with GDPR compliance, we will help you to organize documents and technical measures. Or you’ve already implemented something, but not sure if it’s enough. We will analyze your current compliance status, and you will receive a comprehensive report and suggestions for improvement. It’s important to have all legal documents in place, but it’s also important to implement what is written there in practice.

Maybe you need a privacy policy? Do you have doubts whether you need to hire a data protection officer (DPO) or not? How to follow GDPR principles? How to train employees about GDPR? What about technical measures? Do I need to encrypt data? How to ensure that data is transferred securely?

Our legal and technical specialists will help you with this or other GDPR related questions you may have.


CyberWise is all about security. We help you to minimize security risk by providing all the necessary technical support for your business. Cybersecurity is not as simple as it seems. Any type of business that is running on the internet is exposed to multiple cybersecurity attacks. Most companies are not prepared to deal with these attacks. The attacks can be random bot hitting server or website or the directed attack against the company. Cyberwise can ensure you’re running on the correct setup as well as vulnerabilities are fixed on both sides. This service is not simply penetration testing but also there is also training provided for IT people in the company to strengthen company cybersecurity defense.

Awarness Training Lab

Training is the key. CyberWise provides a special training lab based on company profile to simulate real-life cases for non-tech employees as well as tech employees.

We provide comprehensive security training for every taste. It does not matter whether you are an IT person or accountant for your company. Training is designed to simulate current social engineering attacks based on your company profile. Lab designed by CyberWise emulates social engineering attacks with different scenarios that users may face in real life. By overcoming challenges in a safe lab environment the user learns how to act in case of real attack. CyberWise lab is coming soon. We are open to your suggestions, let us know how you see awareness training.

Startup package

Starting a new business is difficult. There are a million things to think about. CyberWise will make this easier for you.

We will help you to establish a company as well as organize required documents. To help you to manage your relationships with clients, partners, and employees we can provide you with NDA, agreement for services, employment contract, or other documents tailored for your company needs. Don’t forget about privacy and security. We will not just draw (or review existing) privacy and cookie policy for you, but make sure that requires measures are implemented in your work. Also, the simple secure internal network and website will be provided to help to set into market.

Penetration testing

Penetration testing or pentesting is the practice of testing systems, networks, software, even people (!) to find vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers.

For attackers it will take only one successful attempt to break into your system, but you need to protect your system and be aware all the time. What is under risk? Basically anything: web and mobile applications, databases, software. Even your physical storage. If you leave your laptop with a poor password in unlocked the place (don’t do that!) your data (databases, financial documents, information about clients) can end up at the black market.
Pentesting helps you understand system vulnerabilities and how an attacker can break into your system and prevent it from happening. We recommend conducting pentesting at least once a year.